Alexandros Hatzis, was born in Bad Nauheim, Germany by Ursula von Jordis.
Even though he believes that someone “is born an artist”, he strongly believes that he should evolve and improve his skills without however intervening in the DNA of his talent.
This notion of development was passed on to him by his father, Greek interpreter composer and poet Kostas Hatzis. He attended seminars of phonetics and breathing by the well known professor of Monody, Drama and Byzantine Music Thanasis Arampatzis.

In 1991 he devoted himself to singing and made his first appearance next to his father in summer concerts interpreting gypsy songs, and earning for first time the attention of public.

In 1992 he made his first album with BMG, singing his father’s music. The album was entitled “Alexandros sings Kosta Hatzi” and contained the hit song, “Zitas na figo” (lyrics by Elia Zervoy and Sofia Vossou).

During the winter of 1994 his collaboration with Marinella at the REX theatre, gave him a big career push. At the same time his second album entitled “alli opsi” containing Cyprus Haralampous songs as well as his own, came out with FM Records. The album contains an exceptional adaptation of the song “Ti na to kano to fili”.

In 1995 came his important collaboration with Tolis Voskopoulos, which gave him a chance to explore closely an other aspect of interpretation.
A little later his third album entitled “13 Rock Histories” containing compositions by Nikos Papakostas came out with FM records.
Many others followed, all having a distinctive air of quality about them, as in Petros Tampouris “Dodekalogos tou Gyftou” after the poem by national Greek poet Kostis Palamas.
His latest work is a homage to poet Kostas Kavafis scored by Yiannis Petritsis, presented in concert at Athens Megaron.
In January 2005 he made the maxi single entitled “ Adeho akoma….” presenting a collection of 5 songs, 2 of which were new renditions of older songs by his father Kostas Hatzis.

Starting on the year 2000, he became active as a composer writing muse for the theatre. In 2004, he accepted an offer to participate in a play dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis at Park theatre. During the winter of 2005, he worked as an actor at Vembo theatre along with an all star cast.
In 2006 he worked as a musical director at Topos allou theatre. The play “Signomi mama” was a definite hit. His music for the play “The Mask” staged at Volanakis Theatre starring Mimi Denisi, was also a big success.
His future recording plans include an album containing songs in the style of gypsy rumba.
Alexanros Hatzis, is moving along with his career appearing in Theatres and Ethnic Festivals both in Greece and abroad, presenting his ROM culture enriched with his gypsy temperament, in a very individual way.

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